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1. Personally autographed paperback directly from June Ahern. Payment options:PayPal (;  check (payable to June Ahern). For mailing address and inquiries use the form below or email  Please include book title(s), name(s) autographed to and USA address mailed to.  DO NOT send cash. Mailing ouside  USA inquire about prices.

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• Choose The Skye in June - City of Redemption -  How to Talk With Spirits: Seance, Mediums, Ghost Hunts one book & mailing  $14.95 - book price $11.
• Two books mailed to same address- $25 - book price $10 ea. 

• Three books mailed to same address - $34 - book price - $10 ea.
• Additional books: 4 mailed  to same address $43.  book price $36.  Books over 4, contact for prices. ​​ Email

• The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading. A Complete  Consumer's Guide to Getting the Most from a Psychic Reading.  eBook only at this time at, and



​How to Talk With Spirits

The Skye in June

City of Redemption

The Timeless Counselor

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