The Skye in JuneThis story in   is a moving and ultimately believable one, not merely for its credible handling of intuitive abilities, but also for its convincing portrayal of a family in which growth only come by squarely facing the past and accepting all of its truths. This is not a story of paganism and psychic affairs parading as literary work, rather it's a beautifully story, set over a course of several years. The author writes in a rather minimalist style that fits well with telling the story.  - Staff Reviewer, Indiereader. com (Full review at Indiereader.com)

City of Redemption - A friend recommended this book to me because I lived The Summer of Love and I was really hesitant to read it, thinking yeah, let's see what this author can do to a most memorable time in life  - the music and fashion alone! June Ahern NAILED IT! City of Redemption is the best Summer of Love book I've ever read. The story is full of twists and turns - back to the main character Liz's past and into her perceptions of where she wants to go. June Ahern has a great writing style - not a lot of wordy description but readers you'll get the whole scene and her dialogue is also really really good especially for the times. I felt I was right here in the groove. The characters you can like, love and hate! Especially Rickey. Liz was a mix bag for me, didn't like, didn't get her, felt sorry for her, got pissed off and finally, what an ending!! Wasn't ready for that or really seeing Liz for who is was. Off to read her other novel. Let's see if I like it as much as this one. - Babs., Anchorage, Alaska

The Timeless Counselor :The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading is exactly what you'd want, why you bought a book like this - a complete consumer's guide to getting the best psychic reading you can. Not only does it prepare you for finding and receiving a reading but after the reading is done how to use the information. The author tells about her experiences with various clients. She doesn't try to talk you into saying a reading is the greatest way to go, but just present information and it's so clear, you'll know if a psychic reading is for you. - Sal A., Georgia,USA

How to Talk With Spirits was a much needed read to help me resolve some of my sorrow and misunderstandings with my father who passed away unexpectedly far from me. The author helped me to understand how I could heal the differences between us and open up my ears and heart to him. I give this book A+ for the amount of worthwhile information in it. - Kathy L. - Columbus, Ohio

The Skye in June: Reading Ahern's fledgling novel, The Skye in June, I was instantly pulled into the emotional tapestry of the MacDonald family. Transported to places I'd never been, I followed the young June as she tackled life's lessons with her healthy mixture of innocence and mischief. Riveted by the tale, there were times that I forgot where I was and laughed aloud or cried. I was at once participant and voyeur.  -Cynthia, Rockaway Beach, NY 

The Skye in June: Ahern masterfully weaves the themes of good and evil, right and wrong, and judgment and acceptance throughout this tale. In feeling empathy for the young June, readers of all ages and backgrounds embrace lessons such as "acceptance of others" and "standing in one's own truth" without entering a debate. This is the true greatness of Ahern's work. Removing the struggle from the lessons, Ahern frees us to simply enjoy the adventure.​

City of Redemption: The most interesting and life changing period in this story took place in will never be forgotten throughout history. Right away I felt I knew the characters in City of Redemption. The story grabbed my attention from the beginning where we meet the protagonist in prison all the way through to a shocking ending!  This is truly a strong woman's story. Liz and her lawyer friend stand up for what is right for them, brave strong women, while they show their vulnerability at times too. Both are so entangled in the redemption part of the story, both have their own reasons to find meaning to how the tragedies they suffered. I can't really tell you what genre this book belongs, but I know it's more than a "chick lit" - it's Women's Lit and will be seen in years to come as a classic Summer of Love novel.  - Judi, Grass Valley, CA

How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts: This book is a great how to. A wonderful reference that doesn't beat around the bush or waste words! It offers several ways to talk to spirits straight forward! i also appreciated the warnings which arn't meant to scare you away, but just to check your fear and be safe (if your doing a hunt in an unknown or potentially dangerous place. ) She also offers the use of other tools and recording equipment. The test at the end is fun! I look forward to seeing more books by this author! - Cynthia S. Maine

If you want to get the most value from your psychic reading read “The Timeless Counselor” chose the right psychic reader for you and to avoid cons. Even if you're not new to having readings June tells you how to enhance your reading. I like her clients' different kinds of readings - the past lives relationships in the present life. How to work with a doctor. How psychic readings can work with religion and more.  June Ahern is an awesome psychic educator. The book has a ESP Quiz at the end and it's really good. I highly recommend this book. - Tom D., San Diego, CA

The Skye in June: If you enjoyed Armistead Maupin and his "Tales of the City", you will love sitting down with The Skye in June. The author, J. Ahern, has an enchanting way of taking you up and down the hills of San Francisco. You could hear the clacking rosary beads of the religious penguins, feel your lace mantilla tickling your shoulders and recall the nausea from the heavy incense of the Stations of the Cross. If you weren't lucky enough to experience the live San Francisco Sound, flower power of the pungent smell of patchouli oil and marijuana on the streets of "Baghdad by the Bay" or the "City that knows how", June will take you there. She will also give you the strength to stand up for your beliefs, get in touch with your intuitive powers, appreciate the love and force of family, but most importantly, accept and embrace that which makes one a unique individual. I wait with impatience for a sequel. - Madeleine P., Paris, France

If I could have given this book a 10, I would. I wasn't sure what to expect when I began reading The Skye in June I soon found myself caught up in June's life. J. Ahern has a talent for vivid characters and out-of-the ordinary plots. "The Skye in June" is fraught with emotions: sadness, laughter, tearfulness, anger. I was left wanting more. I want to know more about June's life. What happens next in the MacDonald family? Five stars - Debra Gaynor book reviewer Goodreads.com

  A book is a gift you can open again and again.”- Garrison Keillor

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From Scotland to San Francisco Ahern’s story mixes mystery with humor in her captivating tale of secrets and sisterhood in her first novel, The Skye in June. - Daniel Hallford, "Upper Noe" & "Pelican Bay"

We need more J. Ahern’s in this world…smart, irreverent, sassy and deeply dedicated to her wisdom and the natural encouragement of intuition in all children. Her fictional novels portrays her understanding of the psychic world woven around a magical mystery in The Skye in June. - Litany Burns, "The Sixth Sense of Children" & "Develop Your Psychic Abilities"

No matter what June writes, her work is colorful, entertaining and insightful. She has a gift for holding the reader’s attention. I’ve enjoyed her writing in all its forms – books, columns, studies - since 1988 and it only gets better." - Suzette Martinez Standring "The Art of Column Writing"
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​​The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading​ I highly recommend this book. Very well written and informative for the beginner or a refresher for those already in tune with their psychic. This is a tool for everyone who is looking to expand their spiritual side and become more enlightened. Thanks for writing this book for us all. - Chad R., Fremont, CA

​​​​​The Skye in June: I loved reading the book. It touched me on many levels. I grew up with four sisters in the same era as the MacDonald sisters did. This bookis a recommendation for those who want to learn about San Francisco and learn Scottish words.- Janet, Bay Area

The Skye in June: This is a wee sensation of a book. I wouldn't usually read this style of story. I like thrillers but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although the author is U.S. based, her writing skills are that of the U.K. You don't have to re-read sentences, the story rolls off the page. It's an easy read with lots of colourful characters and places.  So much so, I'm looking forward to the sequel. As soon as I finished it, I thought, it would make a great T.V. production, a kind of Scottish Dallas! - T. F. Bree, Glasgow, Scotland. Amazon.com GB

The Skye in June story reflects being a square pagan peg in a round Catholic hole. First-time novelist, June Ahern, has created a most enjoyable read where the theme of being true to oneself plays out against the changing tapestry of 20th century Scotland and California.The narrative slowly gathers momentum as this effective storyteller reaches her comfort zone in exploring the dynamics of family relationships, loyalties and conflicts. The characters visually come to life thorough the anguish of sectarian rivalry, the warmth of new year Hogmanay traditions, the humor of the iconic Glasgow "steamies" laundries, the reality of immigrant children as outsiders. As the denouement unfolds its truth and honesty, which triumphs in an original and atmospheric tale from this talented writer. - Helena B., Ayr, Scotland

The Skye in June: Thank you for this story. It was wonderful. I couldn't put it down.- Gladys, USA

The Skye in June: Absolutely loved this story with having grown up in San Francisco what a joy to read about familiar places. I am looking forward to a sequel. I want to read about what happens to the family after (spoiler not printed) learning that at the ending. I just finished read "City of Redemption." Another wonderful read. Again, looking forward to more books. - Karen B., San Jose.  

City of Redemption is a great story set in a fascinating world changing time - the 1960s in a most famous city - San Francisco. Summer of Love history  - and with the Black Panther movement - cops, lies, betrayals  hope and love. And the colorful characters, which to like, which to hate, which to hope they make it through the turbulent  timse -all in a mix of suspense. The dialogue has you feeling as though you're actually right with the characters it's so real. The protagonist, Lis MacKay's guilt and shame for her son's death has her running away from Scotland. The story uses shame to bring a powerful suspense story with a sense of justice served. It's just a good summer read.- SMS; Boston, MA

The Skye in June: Very highly recommended  and a great gift for all book lovers. It is an exciting read that grips the readers' attention from the start to the past pages. The story is set both in Scotland and San Francisco and is about the adventures of a Scottish family who move to USA to change their life. The story unfolds in Glasgow, the author's birthplace, where the MacDonald family live. The author is very skillful at her descriptions of the setting and the Scottish culture, making this novel vivid and real. It is wonderful story about a woman's journey in life and shows the impact she has on her daughters.  This novel is certainly a work of art on the issues of Scottish culture and language. The author is very skillful at her descriptions of the setting thus making this novel vivid and real. The colloquialism throughout the story adds to the plot and ample cultural aspects enrich the story. It caters to everyone loving family stories, mystery and learning about the spiritual world. It's a worth read and a great gift for all book love.- Lia Metal, Author & Book Reviewer, Greece

The Skye in June: A pal of mine is related to the author and when she said she was ordering some books, (and we could get a shipping discount,) I joined in. The use of  the Scottish language (some from days gone by) was an excellent way to start I thought, for the Scottish readers. The relationships in the family like the grandparents being over the house a lot and how the grandmother naturally took over cooking and caring for the children reminded me of own Granny and Granda. That part pulled me into the story emotionally. As the story progressed I especially enjoyed learning about San Francisco, a place I've always wanted to visit. Since the author immigrated there, I believe she gave me a true image of it. I really found "he Skye in June engaging and would like to talk to the author. When you coming home, hen? - Doris K, Glasgow, Scotland  

The Skye in June: I LOVED this book so much. It is very well written and excellent for my English. I couldn't put it down and stayed up late reading.  It was as though I was near June all the time. I could hear her replying to my endless questions such as wanting to hear all those Scottish words that I discovered. They made me giggle. I wanted to know more about the religious conflicts going on in Scotland in those days and how June could live with such strict ways her father brought her up by. Tears came to my eyes on several occasions. I did not find the book funny like perhaps some other readers would. I was inhibited by June's sorrows and loneliness. Luckily she also had a lot of cheerfulness, was full of resources and could be a mischief. - Francoise, Paris France

The Skye in June  I found this book quite by chance on Amazon while searching for a movie with similar words. I'm so glad I ordered and read it in a few days. I LOVE it and can't wait for more. I especially enjoyed the parts about Mrs. G and Sister Noel helping the little girl develop her psychic powers and giving her unconditional love. I felt the emotional and physical abuse the family suffered from the abusive, alcoholic Jimmy was very realistic, albeit hard to read at times. I was intrigued how you wove the story so mysteriously but not revealing the secret until last two chapters.  - Marianne N. - USA

The Skye in June. .J. Ahern captivates the reader's interest in the first chapter.  As a woman you feel the main character's pain, apprehension and loneliness as the birthing process progresses. You are held in suspense and this motivates you to keep reading to find the treasured outcome. The reader becomes a member of the MacDonald Family, traveling with them through life's sorrows, tragedies and joys. The Catholic Scottish background was an important element. The history of Scottish people is intertwined in the storyline making an informative read.  Learning unique Scottish terms and special holidays was a special delight. The book taught me to appreciate people who are different and brave enough to share their true being and special gifts. It ended too soon. Hopefully there will be a sequel.  - Pamela B, Caro, MI

 The Skye in June: Everyone wants to hit the lottery and has accomplished it as J. Ahern weaves us through life in a Catholic school and Scottish family living in Eureka Valley (The Castro.) Her eye for detail lets us experience what it was like and how to remain calm between the storms. The struggle to remain independent and true to oneself is the strength of this wonderful read. - Karen A, Eureka Valley, San Francisco, CA  

"The Skye in June" was difficult for me to read at first because I do not enjoy reading stories with a religious theme and also because June's life and my life had similar parallels: We both grew up in strict religious homes, questioned what we were taught at an early age to no avail and have psychic abilities. However, the more I read, the more I learned and became comfortable with the story. - Anonymous, Los Angeles. 

The Skye in June: In my mind, if a story does not cause an emotional response then it is not wordy reading. "The Skye in June" is definitely worth reading -  Reader, USA

"The Skye in June" was difficult for me to read at first because I do not enjoy stories with a religious them and also, the main character June's life and my life had similar parallels. However, the more I read, the more I learned and became comfortable with the story. Many emotions were stirred up in me. I kept reminding myself that this is how people lived and thought in the 1950 60's, and things that were shameful then, are commonly accepted now. In my mind, if a story does not cause an emotional response then it is not worth reading. This story is definitely worth reading. - Stephanie, New Hazelton, Canada. Goodreads.com reader

I have to tell you, I picked up your book the other day and LOVED IT. I couldn't put it down! I read 250 pages in one sitting and didn't want it to end.  I am truly impressed. on The Skye in June.- Jean, West Palm Beach, Fl

"The Skye in June" is a unique story of June MacDonald born in Scotland in the 1950's. She is not the average girl; June has "visions" and "dreams" that she does not understand and of which her father is not happy with sayingshe's doomed to hell and her mother is afraid of them. Ms. Ahern blends Scottish tradition in Catholicism with a new twist. A challenge to the traditional religious beliefs, with that of psychic ability and a touch of witchraft. She brings about family loyalty and love in a fascinating memorable story. I look forward to more from this talented author. - Sheri W, Sandwich, Ill  

The Skye in June: In my mind, if a story does not cause an emotional response then it is not wordy reading. "The Skye in June" is definitely worth reading -  Reader, USA

The Skye in June: I truly enjoyed J. Ahern's novel.. The insight of the struggles that Catholics suffered after World War II in Glasgow, Scotland  was informative. The flavor of her descriptions drew me into the raw emotions of the MacDonald family and their relatives. I  enjoyed the Glaswegian burr of their dialogue. But the best part was the immigration to San Francisco and all the complexities of that  adaption with such unique characters.  I also grew up in San Francisco and it thrilled me to go down memory lane of the  1950's & 1960's. I laughed, I cried, I could not put the book down. The only good thing about having a summer flu was that I had "The  Skye in June" in bed with me!! Can't wait for the sequel. - MAC, Corte Madera, CA

How to Talk With Spirit: A not totally sold believer, June Ahern gave reasonable and interesting experiences and data that after reading her book, I'm more of a believer in spirit communication. Haven't seen any ghosts myself but felt the presence of my father and a friend who passed away. So, it can happen and this book gave me greater insights to how it happens. It was well written and with her police and family interaction with murdered victims, and other kinds of paranormal experiences I'm more open to this kind of information. Still, unlike Ahern, I don't want to see any ghosts. I do recommend this book for those who have questions about the paranormal.  -  J. B., San Francisco. 

Couldn't put it down and I am a reader, just loved it, hope there will be many more to follow. Was really interesting. Loved reading about different places there in SF. - Gail, Delray Beach, Fl I met this author at a book reading and bought her book. "The Skye in June"is such a thought-provoking, interesting, and kind of sad book. Actually it brought up a lot of emotions in me as I read it -- humor, frustration, anger, resignation, joy, sorrow -- are the ones that come to mind immediately.  I will probably think about it more  from time to time. - Lin, Pacifica CA

I read this book in three days. I just couldn't stop. The story compelled me, it never lagged, seemed to start and end at precise slices of life, so it didn't really begin, or end. It was just a revealed segment of life, holographic with history, personal issues sociological and metaphysical issues with deeply spiritual realities––very visual, visceral, heartfelt, beautiful and memorable.  I just love the accuracy of life in SF in the 50's and 60's. I could relate because I was there! The places, the products, the TV shows, the dress, the conversations and figures of speech. I loved every word. I hope that people read this book are empowered in their own sense of themselves.   - Patricia, Santa Rosa, CA

The Skye in June: Intriguing, captivating. Hard to put down. J. Ahern did an exceptional job of drawing the reader into this family’s day-to-day life. She has the wonderful insight to keep you visually engaged and turning each page thirsting for more. At the end of the book you wonder will there be another and when - MF, SF, CA I absolutely loved this book. It's one of the best books I've read in a while. When's the sequel?  - Suzie, Pacifica, CA

The Skye in June: What a wonderful story The Skye in June is. Really!  I could hardly put it down! It reminded me so much of my family. The characters are so real to me; the sister fights and the Catholic nuns. I can't wait for the sequel.  - Lavonne, San Francisco, CA

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