​​NOVEL: "City of Redemption" is a completely engaging read mix of romance, mystery and the turmoil of the late 1960s. A groovy-licious, noir-esque book.  - DT, Amazon Review

Flower power ignites into fire power when a lonely young woman entangles herself in a treacherous plot and murder during the Summer of Love. Partly to blame for her young son's death and abandoned by her husband, Liz MacKay leaves Scotland in disgrace hoping for a second chance at love. Arriving in San Francisco Liz declares all she wants is a "jolly good time" amongst the free love, groovy people. Instead, she is unwittingly drawn into the dark underbelly of secrets, violence and addiction when she meets a a callous drug-dealer in a commune and becomes involved in a plot to bring down the Black Panthers. Her unlikely friendship with one of her commune members, Black Panther, Toni, leads Liz to redemption for her shameful past. This vividly recounted story of betrayal, drugs, violence, and murder takes place during an unforgettable historical time and place in the 1967. Set in mostly

"City of Redemption" is yet another solidly honed story by celebrated author June Ahern who writes with such interest and vigor that the reader feels as if they've traveled back in time with her. She captures the moment and characters of a unique era in compelling storyline and plot. Interested in San Francisco in the 1960s? June Ahern will take you there.
- Fiction Master, Amazon Review.

NON-FICTION: Paranormal: ​Now also an AudoBook. Amazon & ACX.

A brilliantly written, factual account based on a lifetime of metaphysical research, experiences, and spirit communication. There is definitely something in it for everyone. – Nicola Neal, Spiritualist Medium, www.nicolaneal.com

This book is an informative and practical guide to an unusual and often, sensitive subject. In it, June shares some of her most memorable experiences, answers questions from the curious living, shows how pets don't leave our sides easily and how to contact the dead in a loving and successful way.  Learn how to conduct a séance, take ghost hunts, and avoid vampire entities. Read about some of June's ghost encounters, and hauntings by murdered victims. Test your psychic abilities with her ESP Quiz. By the end of the book you will decide if you want to, or can communicate with the dead or leave well enough alone. 

Talking to the dead appears easy for June Ahern, as seen in her paranormal ghost  investigation Youtube videos on The Haunted Bay.  She tells readers that it’s easy as talking to living people. But at times it can be scary and uncomfortable.interesting. -  Reviewer, Amazon​.

All of June Ahern's books have overwhelmingly positive reviews on this site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Smashwords, and Onlinebookclub.com to name a few. For an autographed copy from the author contact us or see "Purchase" page. In paperback, and eBook.

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NON-FICTION: Parapsychology: We could all benefit through the information Ms. Ahern shares with us. This book is a must read before you schedule your psychic reading! - Rusty, mother of Rocky, whose story was portrayed in the movie, "Mask"

"This book is a complete consumer's guide to receiving the most from a psychic reading and protecting yourself from scammer readers. June Ahern's first book was the number one best seller of an unknown author at New York's Whole Life Expo, 1990. You'll learn how psychic readings give great insights to understanding yourself to help you in making positive life decisions.

You'll learn how to choose the psychic right for your interests; avoid unethical ones; ask the right questions to get the most information and how to use the information after for successful future choices. June's ESP Quiz at the end will reveal your own psychic abilities. eBook only at this time.


NOVEL: Not since author Amy Tan's early writings has a woman's voice so strongly resonated from one of San Francisco's most famous neighborhoods. Ahern's powerful coming of age tale is a must read for anyone interested in the drama and complexities of what it might be like growing up psychic. - Jim Toland, Author of "Fire and Fog"​​​​​

​A Mother Daughter story. A Myst​​ery. June MacDonald, the youngest child of s Scottish family, has a uniqueness to attracts unusual happenings. After a family tragedy the family emigrates to  San Francisco, California. June and her three sisters come of age during the early days of the colorful 1960s and she is drawn into the world of mysticism.  June must help the family heal by exposing her mother's secrets left in the highlands.

 A story of acceptance and reconciliation it reaches over three generations and the challenges the family encounters. See the nuances of San Francisco's in 1950s and '60s.

"The Skye in June" is different than any book I have read before, which is such a plus in this day of cookie cutter market paperbacks. - Jessica, Goodreads Review
June talks about why she wrote "Skye" Interview