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The Skye in June
 - novel (2008 paperback & e-book)

The Timeless Counselor:The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading
(formerly titled "A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative e Counseling" - paperback older editions or new edition e-book only at this time)

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Anyone who loves a good read of San Francisco's history during the late 1950's and the '60's, will enjoy June Ahern's novels. She
uses the rich history of Eureka Valley (The Castro) by weaving her story around well-known businesses such as The Castro Theater and Cliffs' Variety Store and Andy's Donuts.

The stories are also
rich with nuances of Scottish culture and language.

"City of Redemption" is a completely engaging read mix of romance, mystery and the turmoil of the late 1960s.  A groovy-licious, noir-esque book.  - DT, Amazon Review.


Flower power ignites into fire power when a lonely young woman entangles herself in a treacherous plot and murder during the Summer of Love.

The killings and mystery begins in Glasgow, Scotland and continues in San Francisco during The Summer of Love, 1967.

Partly to blame for her young son's death and abandoned by her husband,
Liz Mackay leaves Scotland in disgrace, hoping for a second chance at love and life.
Arriving in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, she 
wants to lose herself with free love among the groovy people. Instead, she is unwittingly drawn into the dark underbelly of secrets, violence and addiction with a callous drug-dealer and a treacherous plot to bring down the Black Panthers. Her unlikely friendship with one of her commune members, Black Panther Toni Bordeaux, leads Liz to redemption for her shameful past. But can she save her friend or will she just watch her commune family break apart? No one expects anything heroic from Liz

Her commune family is a curious mix: Black Panthers trying to change the world, a Vietnam vet seeking inner peace, a flamboyant hairdresser with dreams of his own, and a flower child and her drug dealer boyfriend.

At first Liz is happy to have found a welcoming home but soon her hope for new identity and love begins to diminish. As her new roommates pry into her mysterious past Liz's search for a "jolly good time" brings more grief and a worsening drug addiction. Embroiled in a plot to bring down the Black Panthers, she looks for a way to redeem herself for her part in her son's death.
Sharing her fears, she is told, "Keep your mouth shut." Can she save her friends or will she just watch her commune family break apart? No one expects anything heroic from Liz.

This vividly recounted story of lies, betrayal, sex, drugs, violence and murder takes place during an unforgettable time and place in history; the tumultuous 1960's.

The author did a fantastic job of telling the story from a very specific time and place in history - the sensory details really drew me into San Francisco in the late '60's. The protagonist is complex yet likable, the supporting characters colorful and interesting. A real page turner. - Michele,

* * * * *
"The Skye in June" is different than any book I have read before, which is such a plus in this day of cookie cutter mass market paperbacks." - Jessica,

Is also screenplay for full featured film and/or television series.. Interested producers, directors and actors please contact skyeinjune at yahoo dot com.

This book continues to receive overwhelming five star reviews on and here on comments page. Learn some Scottish words like wean, bairn, wee bauchle and more in the great story!

June MacDonald, the redhaired youngest child of a Scottish immigrant family, the MacDonalds, has an uniqueness that attracts unusual people. After a tragedy the MacDonalds emigrate from Scotland to San Francisco.  The family implodes when June is drawn into the world of mysticism and, along with her three sisters,
come of age during the colorful circa 1960's. The sisters are lively, funny and rebellious as they find ways to deter their father from having control over them. Ultimately it is June and her mother, Cathy, who must resolve the sins of the past and move forward for the family to heal.

It is a
story of reconciliation and acceptanceIt takes readers through issues of family, their bond and how it changes over the years, religion, as wells as the challenges of immigrants, and the world of mysticism.

Not since author Amy Tan's early writings has a woman's voice so strongly resonated from one of San Francisco's most famous neighborhoods. Author June Ahern's powerful coming of age tale, “The Skye in June”, is the evolution of a young psychic and her passage through a unique time and place-–a must read for anyone interested in the drama and complexities of what it might be like growing up psychic.Jim Toland, "Fire And Fog"

* * * * *
Ms. Ahern does a fantastic job of taking a taboo subject (ESP) and putting it into terms, situations, and explanations that any person can understand in a very personal and relatable way. - Book n' Beans, Book Reviewer
Consumer Guide   
Interview with The Haunted Bay Paranormal Investigators and June -

A complete consumer's guide for getting the most from a psychic reading. Ahern covers such topics as how to  choose the right reader, avoid unethical ones, also which questions to ask, how to prepare before your reading to receive clear psychic information, and what to do with the information afterward. A must read before scheduling your appointment.

I've been inspired by June's ability to awaken the awareness of many people. We could all benefit through the information that she shares with us. Her book, "
The Timeless Counselor; The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading", shows us how psychic readings are a useful way for understanding ourselves, and life.”
Rusty, mother of Rocky, whose story was portrayed in the movie "Mask"

Readers give Ms. Ahern's  books overwhelming five star reviews. 
For more  reviews please go to June Ahern at US, France and GB. Also at More at this site comments.

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